1002826_10201068922461478_1873135467_n (1)I’m now 35, a life-long adventurer, student, and mechanic.  I read.  I go sailing, camping, and hiking to places where I’m not quite sure what will happen.  It’s exciting, nice.  And I fix things:  cars, boats, docks, houses, decks, toilets, computers, networks, dishwashers, washing machines, personalities, whatever.

I’ve started companies, built them, and sold them or screwed them up.  Today, I’m a miscellaneous consultant to a few law firms and study Biochemistry full-time at Virginia Tech on a Pre-medical track.

One of my boys developed Regressive Autism.  So I hope to do research into Autism’s causes and work on potential treatments.

Or I may just help people live successfully with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.  I’ve had insulin-dependent diabetes for 25 years and live easily with it and without typical diabetes-related complications, but then, I do things differently.

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